Onexpresscouriers Pty Ltd Loss or Damage insurance is available to ensure that in the unforeseen circumstance that an item is damaged or lost in transit, Onexpresscouriers can reimburse you for the lesser amount of:

  • The nominated level of protection.
  • The cost of the repair.
  • The substantiated value of the goods.

The insurance is subject to the conditions listed below. Please contact our customer service for any information regarding the warranty service.

Signing For Received Goods

All goods MUST be inspected for damage before the Receiver signs the Proof of Delivery form or PDA screen. By signing the goods as ‘Received in good condition’ you will void the Transitinsurance. Please make sure the Receiver is aware of this if you are booking as the Sender. If damage is evident, the receiver must write ‘DAMAGED’ on the Consignment note or PDA screen.


The extra insuranceprotection is available for purchase during the booking process. The cost ofinsurance the option is calculated at 1% of the nominated value plus $75 excess fee up to $50,000.00. Items over $50,000.00 nominated value cannot be covered by Onexpresscourierspty ltd. For these items we would recommend you consult a Marine insurance broker.

Items Excluded

Thisinsurance is available on a wide range of items carried byOnexpresscourierspty ltd Priority. Unfortunately however, it is not available for the following types of goods:

  • Commercial bulk dangerous goods;
  • Explosives;
  • Bloodstock, exotic bird and pets;
  • Currency of all descriptions;
  • Live plants and trees;
  • Motor vehicles;
  • Household goods removals;
  • Furniture including tables, chairs, lounge suits, mattresses, picture frames;
  • Second hand goods with existing damage or in poor condition;
  • Frozen or chilled meat, seafood or foodstuffs;
  • Works of art or antiques;
  • Glass objects and items containing glass;
  • China, crockery, porcelain and pottery items, including vanity and other bathroom items;
  • Precious metals and stone, money, bullion, cheques, credit or other card sales vouchers, securities, shares, bonds, deeds, bills of exchange or any document that represents money.


For the Transit insuranceapply, all goods must be packed at or above the standard set by the original manufacturer. Any damage caused by insufficient packaging will not be covered; however totals loss cover will still apply.

Incident Notification

Should an incident occur, customers must complete a “Loss or Damage Warranty” Incident report, and return this to Onexpresscouriers within 7 days of the incident occurring. If notification is not received within 7 days, the Warranty will be void. Incident report forms are available by emailinginfo@onexpresscouriers.com.au

Incident Investigation and Conclusion

Once an incident is notified, Onexpresscouriers will conduct a full investigation of the circumstances presented to us. Negligence and/or non delivery byOnexpress couriers must be proven beforeonexpress couriers will accept responsibility for the incident. Once Onexpresscouriers have accepted responsibility for the incident, a cheque for the wholesale amount of the item claimed will be forwarded to you within 30 – 60 days.

If we pay damages under this clause for the replacement of the Goods we may retain or recover the damaged Goods. We will only pay damages under this clause for Lost Goods or direct loss or damage to the Goods.

We will not pay any indirect or consequential loss or increased cost of work or materials or damage including loss of profits, business or anticipated savings or any other economic loss even if we know they are possible or otherwise foreseeable.

GST will not be included in any payments made by us to you.

Onexpresscouriers will not accept responsibility for any item/s where the optional warranty protection has not be accepted during the booking process.

Standard Terms and Conditions

The Onexpresscouriers “Loss or Damage in transit Warranty” is offered in line with our standard terms and conditions of contract, which may be viewed on the Onexpresscouriers website.